Bengal Kitten Disruption

Kurt and Chelsea decide to get a Bengal cat they call Kona. But they don’t seem very well prepared. They’ve been thinking about it for three months and they are excited. They are definitely not prepared.

The video starts with the day they go to pick her up. They are excited, but a little nervous about the change she will bring to their home and lives.

“So ever since like we started working from home and being stuck at home twenty four seven, I feel like this getting a pet has really been … What’s making us excited is something to look forward you And now we’re finally going to pick her up, hopefully it’s gonna add a whole bunch more excitement and I think is gonna be a completely different dynamic,” Kurt says.

Kona the baby Bengal cat was twelve weeks old when they first got her, and now she is a year old.

It is the story of how they got her, and where they have taken her. That includes hiking and canoeing in the great wide open.

Bengals Are Energizers

Kona is like the energizer bunny, and can outlast her human slaves. “I’m getting more tired than she is I think This has been … I’ve been playing for like long time.”

So now Kurt and Chelsea know – Bengals are very active, and will wear you out!

Kona the Bengal cat. image from youtube screenshot, edited by

Kona the Bengal cat. image from youtube screenshot, edited by