Funny cats, from small to large. Some are afraid of their own shadow. Others will take on dogs 10 times their size.

Funny or Weird

No matter what their size or shape, we love them and their strange antics.

And there are plenty of weird antics in these clips, especially the cats that seem to like walking or standing on two legs.

This one below is a cute cat.

Cats are so Funny. Image from Youtube video.

Cats are so Funny. Image from Youtube video.

Walking Talking Cats

Some cats talk. Others know when they are being naughty and are caught in the act. Watch the video below and try not to laugh. There are more weird cat videos on youtube.

Please let us know if you discover any short funny cat videos we can use.

Cat Memes

We love it that cats are so funny. Funny cat memes are big now, so look for some hilarious cat memes in a story soon.